Field Trips





Field trips may be authorized by the Principal.

Students will be transported to and from field trips by the school bus or other commercial carriers except in an emergency situation involving the health and safety of the student.

The teacher, in requesting permission to take his/her class away from school grounds, should submit the details of such a trip to the Principal. A Permission and Consent Form should be sent to the parents of each child participating for a signature and return. This is to be done after the field trip has been authorized. No child may leave the school ground on a field trip unless the form has been signed by the parents.

Consent Forms of those attending should be filed with the Principal before the trip.

Arrangement for financing all field trips must be made prior to the trip. If student contributions are involved, the necessary funds must be in the hands of the Principal before the trip is taken.

Any overnight or out-of-state field trips must have the approval of the Board.