Safety Our Close the Door Campaign

Safety Our Close the Door Campaign
Safety Sign

Ignore the Door Campaign

CWES has taken many safety measures including creating a school specific crisis plan, ID badges and strict check-in procedures just to name a few.  Each of these safety measures are in place to help keep our school safe, but without everyone's help and involvement, it will not work as planned.  Each day we ensure all exterior doors are locked and secure at all times.  Students have been told not to open the door for anyone, even if they know the person. Visitors can only enter the school building through the front, main office, door.  There are various reasons for this, one including the safety and accountability of our visitors in case an emergency situation did arise.  This includes signage on all exterior doors which includes the following words:

Ignore the Door!

Keep Your School Safe!

Never open a door to let anyone in the building- even if it is someone you know!

The safety of our school is our first priority.  Please help us in working together by doing your part to support the district's safety efforts and "Ignore the Door!"

-Adopted from Greenville County Schools 

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